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Shield Your Smile With a Mouthguard
Falcon Dental Centre Loves Active People

While helmets and padding are vital for many sports, so are mouthguards. Sports such as football, rugby, cricket and basketball have a high risk of mouth-related trauma, so a mouthguard is crucial. A mouthguard can protect your jaw, teeth, gums and cheeks from a blow.

At Falcon Dental Care, our Falcon family dentists may recommend wearing a mouthguard particularly if you engage in athletic activities or if you have clench or grind your teeth.

The customised guards provide a vital layer of cushioning around your teeth to prevent them from wearing against one another or breaking. Mouthguards are worn for protection during sport or if you have severe bruxism. Bite splints (nocturnal bite plates) are worn while sleeping.

Custom Made Mouthguards at Halls Head De

Experience the custom-made difference

To work effectively, a mouthguard should be made to fit snuggly around your teeth. That’s something over-the-counter guards can’t do. See the range of colours available.

First, we take an impression of your teeth. Then we create a model of your mouth and use it to create the custom guard. The process is fairly simple and straightforward; in just a day or two, you can have a customised piece that fits securely in place when you need it the most.

We may recommend getting a guard to prevent against

  • Chipped teeth

  • Broken fillings or crowns

  • Pain in and around the TMJ

  • Headaches and muscle fatigue

  • Concussion

  • Sports-related injury

  • Flat, worn enamel

Superior Protection

To provide sufficient protection, a mouthguard must fit snuggly around your teeth. While many people opt for over-the-counter “boil and bite” types of mouthguards, those don’t provide the same degree of protection as a custom mouthguard. That’s because over-the-counter mouthguards tend to move around in the mouth while playing sport, so they often don’t provide adequate protection.

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