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About Mandurah Dental Implant Centre
Over 20 years of implant experience


Our Mandurah practice opened in 2014, but our specially trained dentists have over two decades of experience in managing dental implant patients. At Mandurah Dental Implant Centre, we focus solely on dental implant placement and restoration.

We believe that creating beautiful smiles should restore your dental function, but also enhance your quality of life. That’s why implants are our only focus.

Why choose our Mandurah Dentists?

Each of our dentists has completed specialised training in dental implant therapy.

Rather than refer our patients out for surgery, their complete procedure is performed here in our practice or a local hospital (to provide care under general anaesthetic, if necessary). Instead of travelling back and forth between multiple offices, each stage of treatment, from the surgery to the restoration, is completed with our dentists.

A Relaxing Atmosphere

Mandurah Dental Implant Centre is not a high-volume, rush-you-in-and-out practice. Our dentists take the time to create a relaxing environment that meets your specific needs, wants and concerns. Even our treatment coordinators will work with you to explain the smallest of details so that you know exactly what to expect. Sleep dentistry and anti-anxiety medication are available to help you relax throughout the process.

Are you curious to find out if Mandurah dental implants are right for your smile? Contact Mandurah Dental Implant Centre today to schedule a consultation. Financing plans are available.

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