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Visiting Mandurah Dental Implant Centre

Welcoming New Patients

The team at Mandurah Dental Implant Centre is always happy to welcome new patients to our friendly practice where your comfort is our priority. You can contact us by phone or email to request an appointment; we also accept referrals from your current dentist.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

New Patients at Mandurah Dental Implant Centre

We’ll conduct a thorough examination to determine the best course of treatment

After you arrive, we’ll review your medical history and ask you about what your chief concerns are for your oral health. It’s your personal wants and needs that dictate which steps we take next.

During your first appointment, we will typically take a series of photographs and x-rays prior to a thorough examination. After one of our specially trained dentists has assessed your smile, we’ll discuss which options are available to improve your oral health. You can expect to spend about 40-60 minutes with us during the first appointment.

In certain cases, we may take some time to study your information and have you back for a secondary consultation before recommending a particular type of treatment.


Insurance and Payment Information

HICAPS Implants MandurahMandurah Dental Implant Centre in Falcon is a preferred provider for HPF. Many other insurance plans are also accepted, and we file claims straightaway on our in-house HICAPS machine. You can also elect to make affordable monthly payments through our convenient financing programme.

High Definition Imaging

If a 3D scan is necessary for computer-guided surgery, we will refer you to a local radiology clinic to have the image taken. Once this data is collected, we can look at the various options and costs that are involved before proceeding with any implant placement.